RaMon Helps Inc, a not for profit organisation, for all the needs of less fortunate in the community

RaMon Helps Inc:

  • Helps newly arrived migrants to settle in Australia, helps them understand Australian way of life and facilitates their integration with the Australian community.
  • Assists migrants and needy with banking related requirements and finance where needed.
  • Works with existing organisations and agencies to provide support and assistance to the victims of family violence.
  • Helps collate evidence and research to develop prevention and intervention strategies to reduce family violence.
  • Helps improve the awareness of the family violence issues among various communities.
  • Acts as a resource to understand cultural complexities within the Indian and other emerging communities.
  • Liaises with other ethnic organisations on mutual matters of concerns e.g. immigration, equal opportunity, legal matters etc.
  • Promotes friendship, understanding and good relations between the people of Australia and other ethnic communities.
  • Organises seminars, family harmony & welfare workshops, lectures, coaching, guidance and debates to help guide migrants, needy and less fortunate to improve their wellbeing and lifestyle.
  • Works as one umbrella solution for all personal, emotional, psychological, legal, financial needs of the family violence victims, less fortunate and needy by getting them connected with professionals in the respective areas to provide assistance and guide them in right direction.