Ramon Helps Inc is a non-profit organisation, which provides one umbrella solution to the needy and less fortunate in the society particularly family violence victims.


RaMon Helps Inc

The various objectives for which the incorporated association, Ramon Helps Inc is established, may be broadly categorised in seven main areas: -

  • Help New Migrants
  • Help Domestic Violence Victims
  • Promote Art & Culture
  • Provide Charity
  • Promote Education, Knowledge & Information
  • Develop & Establish Network and Important Connections
  • Promote Social Activities

Help New Migrants

  • Help new migrants before they arrive with bank accounts, information about major Australian places, cost of living and other important information to help them settle in Australia.
  • Help newly arrived migrants of Indian origin with temporary accommodation, legal and other aid if needed.
  • Help the new migrants understand Australian way of life, legal requirements, do's and don'ts to facilitate their integration with wider Australian community using Internet, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, off-shore and on-shore seminars etc.
  • Help the new migrants, needy and others with banking and finance related education, guidance and assistance, where needed.

Help FAMILY Violence Victims

  • Work with existing organisations and agencies to provide support and assistance to the victims of domestic violence in the Indian and other communities.
  • Collate evidence and research to develop prevention and intervention strategies to reduce family violence in the Indian and other communities.
  • Increase awareness of the issue of family violence in the Indian and other communities.
  • Act as resource to understand cultural complexities within the Indian community.

Promote Art & Culture

  • Organise cultural events to encourage local artists.
  • Encourage study of matters of interest to the Australian and Indian and other South Asian people.
  • Encourage various ethnic communities to promote their culture and showcase to Australian community.

Provide Charity

  • Promote charitable trust for appropriate and welfare cause.
  • Assist charitable bodies with a view to provide help to the needy.
  • Raise and distribute funds for natural or unexpected disasters.

Promote Education knowledge & Information

  • Organise lectures, courses, classes, seminars, conferences, discussion groups, welfare workshops, debates to help needy, domestic violence victims and others to improve their life and wellbeing.
  • Promulgate the knowledge of and educate the Australian community in all aspects of Indian culture including but not limited to, Indian history, geography, anthropology, literature, language, religion, music, dance and mythology and vice versa.
  • Maintain a library of Indian works but not limited to books, journals, periodicals, magazines, papers, records, cassettes, films and video tapes to disseminate information through a periodical.
  • Arrange exchange of information between Australians, Indians and other South Asians concerning their respective countries and publicising such information.

Develop and Establish Network and Important connections

  • Establish rapport with important people/leaders/media in the community.
  • Establish communication with the Indian, other South Asians and Australian Government offices.
  • Liaise with other ethnic organisations on mutual matters of concerns.
  • Raise pertinent issues concerning Indian and other South Asian communities e.g. immigration, equal opportunity, legal and other matters.

Promote Social Activities

  • Promote friendship, understanding and good relations between the people of Australia and India and other ethnic communities.
  • Encourage visits by Australians, Indians other South Asians to each other's countries.
  • Arrange hospitality for Indians, other South Asians while they are in Australia and to Australians when they visit their countries.