Events 2016

Women of Wyndham (WOW) in association with RaMon Helps Inc presents Women at the Park 2016

A woman is the essence of a family who knows how to build others up and not be torn down. She knows how to walk through hurdles of life with a smile and to celebrate good times with laughter and happiness.
To make this true in the literal sense, Women of Wyndham in association with RaMon Helps Inc. successfully organized the second edition of “Women at the Park” on 25th June 2016.

It all started in October 2014 when Wyndham Council had an initiative known as Building Block Initiative Program where different pieces of training were provided to the women who came forward from different communities and showed potential to be emerging leaders. These trainings also helped women break their isolation and network with other women in a positive environment.  On 16th May 2016 under the Building Block Initiative, Wyndham Council organized the first edition of “Women at the Park” where different activities took place such as face painting for kids, 6 dance performances by 6 ethnic groups and much more. The feedback received by the Council was so positive that participants of Wyndham Council training launched Women of Wyndham (WOW) on 6th October 2015 and after this, there was no turning back.

The second edition of Women at the Park was highly successful and entertaining not just for the participants, but for the organizers as well. Activities like drawing competition, face painting, multicultural dances were one of the main attractions of the event but the fashion walk by kids stole away the hearts of everyone. Families who were a part of the event talked among themselves and formed a family network, which was one of the purposes of Women at the Park. The whole atmosphere was really positive where kids were enjoying a lot. Moreover, the kids from broken families were so happy participating as they got the opportunity to mingle with other kids and get appreciation. The feedback received from the families was like icing on the cake, who said that this event should be made quarterly, instead of yearly.

 Iramoo ward Councilor Peter Maynard, Harrison ward Councilor Bob Fairclough, Chaffey ward Councilor Gautam Gupta and who was also Wyndham’s acting mayor for 2015/16 and social worker and public figure Jasvinder Sidhu of Lets Feed Homeless, Founder of Jagriti – a social awakening Inc. were the Chief Guests of the event. Not only they distributed certificates to the winners as well the participants of the various activities, but also appreciated the efforts of WOW for organizing event on such a scale as well as encouraged everyone to be a part of WOW and its upcoming events. Women of Wyndham (WOW) President, Monica Raizada highlighted the importance of such initiatives to increase harmony, wellbeing and positivity in the individuals, families and the whole community.

The efforts of WOW team, in association with RaMon Helps Inc., and the participation of various families made the whole event a huge success. Next, in their line is Family Well Being Day on 7th August and Women of Wyndham’s annual event scheduled to happen in September. Women of Wyndham is making great strides in their purpose of empowering both women and their families by organizing various events. And looking at their hard work, the vision of connecting Women of Victoria and then women of Australia as well as Women of the World seems achievable real soon.